Equipment of the laboratory

Vnukovo airport has one of the largest laboratories for quality control of aviation fuel and special liquids, the activities of which are aimed at ensuring the safety and regularity of flights of modern domestic and imported aircraft fleet.

Fuel laboratory of JSC "TZS" in Vnukovo airport is certified in the civil aviation system.

The scope of activity of the laboratory includes the study of 35 different types of aviation lubricants and special liquids by 40 quality indicators.

The laboratory's personnel is certified, has special education and high qualification.

The laboratory is equipped with automatic devices for quality control of aviation fuels. Manual control methods are available for arbitrage analysis.

Since 2013, the automatic analyzer of thermal oxidative stability of aviation fuels JFTOT III has been in operation, which determines the stability of aviation fuel in conditions close to operating ones. JFTOT III identifies the possibility of deposition from aviation fuel when it is heated in the presence of dissolved oxygen and a metallic surface.

Due to the acquisition of unique automatic analyzers, the laboratory personnel masters new methods of quality control that are relevant today, enabling the most complete identification of aviation fuel in accordance with international requirements.

In 2018, there was purchased the equipment to assess the low-temperature properties of diesel fuel, to determine the sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuel.